Casino Games - Getting Started with Keno

Keno is not a new game in the iGaming world. There are claims that the game originated from China and that it helped raise part of the funds used in building the Great Wall of China. Keno is a simple game to play and it does not require any skill. It is a game of luck that is similar to the likes of bingo and lottery. In this guide, we'll be explaining how to play keno. Visit online-casino-nz for the best casinos with keno.

The aim of a keno game is straightforward. You are to guess the winning numbers that will be selected during the raffle draw round. As a lottery-like game, keno is played using tickets. The ticket has numbers imprinted from it usually from 1 to 80. However, there are some versions of the game that may have ticket with up to 120 numbers. You will have to mark those numbers you've guessed on the keno card before the raffle draw starts.

Keno Raffle Draw

The keno raffle draw is where the winning numbers will be selected from the pot. If you are playing the land-based version, you will see the dealer of the game as he spins the pot and select numbered balls. However, in the online version, the selection is done by the computer based on the Random Number Generator used in the design of the game. There are some casinos that may offer Live Keno where you can stream the real live raffle draw on your device.


How Many Numbers Can You Select?

Well, each keno variation has its own rules when it comes to the amount of numbers you can mark. For the common variations of the game, you can mark up to 10 numbers on the card. However, we recommend that you check the rules of the game so that you can know the limit that has been set by the game developer. If you're playing at a physical casino, you can ask the dealer. But if you're playing online, you can open the game information menu.

Winning in Keno

Keno has a defined payout structure that explains how much you can win. Usually, this is determined by how many of the numbers you selected on the card are selected as winning numbers during the raffle draw. For example, a player that selected a total of 10 numbers and got only 2 right numbers cannot expect to receive the same winnings as a player that selected 5 numbers and got only two right. You can check the payout structure in the information menu to know what to expect in the game.

Playing Keno for Free

One of the best ways for anyone to learn how to play keno is to first try out the free online versions. There are several online casinos that give players a chance to play keno game for free. You can play free keno game as a means to get familiar with the gameplay and also know the moves allowed. This way it'll be easy for you to play the real money version once you've learnt all the rules and moves. Why not play keno for free at our suggested online casinos.